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Pure Ice™ - Portable Humidifier Air Conditioner Fan

Pure Ice™ - Portable Humidifier Air Conditioner Fan

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Enhance Your Sleep Quality Starting Now!

The Pure Ice™ harmonizes air conditioning and humidification into one unit, creating the perfect sleep environment tailored to you!

Featuring 5 spray mist nozzles and a 3-speed fan, the Pure Ice™ releases pure mist into your room, enhancing relaxation and comfort.

Refresh Your Space: Stay Cool And Relaxed!

✅️ Dual Function Cooling: The Pure Ice™ seamlessly integrates a humidifier and an air conditioning fan, providing all-season comfort for dry winters and hot summers!

✅️ Cool Mist: Store cold water in the 600ml tank, which is sprayed through 5 nozzles to release a refreshing mist, creating an ideal cool and humid room environment.

✅️ Adjustable Ventilation: With three optional fan speeds, the Pure Ice™ allows you to adjust the airflow to suit your cooling preferences

✅️ Multi-Color Selection: Select from 7 integrated color options in the Pure Ice™, turning it into a serene nightlight that enhances your sleep ambiance.

✅️ Time Control: The PureBreeze™ offers three timer settings, allowing you to manage the fan's operation time for energy conservation and improved efficiency.

How To Use:

Step One: Fill up the 600ml tank with cold water and ice (optional)

Step 2: Turn it on and enjoy the breeze!

Package Includes:

1x Pure Ice™ - Portable Humidifier Fan Air Conditioner
1x USB Power Cable
1x Instruction Manual

"I bought this for work because I work outdoors the majority of the time I’m on shift. That wasn’t a problem until the A/C in my only cooled work area went out and I started overheating. I bought this immediately after I was sent home for borderline heat stroke. It arrived before I had my next shift and it’s kept me cool enough in between outdoor work that I haven’t had any other issues. The misting function is the best, and my coworkers are all jealous."

Oliver L. - LONDRES

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