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Fly Ball - Buy 1 take 2

Fly Ball - Buy 1 take 2

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We all love our dogs so much and we want them to have an enjoyable time! Flying ball toys can be an excellent activity for your dog to spend his pent-up energy.

Here is our Toy Flying Ball, which is considered one of the best in the market with high quality. It is safe, durable, and lots of fun to play with.


Transforming From Frisbee to Ball: Dogs and pups alike will love this fun and fantastic fly ball stress relief toy. A few seconds later, the shape of the disc flew out and turned into a ball in the air, and the flying ball automatically turned back into a ball, allowing the companion to catch the magic ball toy, making playtime even more fun for your furry friend.

Widely Use: Train response-ability and promote bone development. Strengthen the body and promote the growth of dog bones. You can put it in the bag and it is easy to clean and can be used in water, making it the best option for dogs who love to swim.

    It is 100% Safe: Our Toy Flying Ball is made with durable and non-toxic materials; not easy to damage, smooth surface will not hurt hands. This toy can withstand the rough-and-tumble play of even the most energetic dogs. No electricity or batteries are required.

    Perfect Gift: Combining various games in one ball exercises the motor ability of children and dogs and makes their childhood colorful. This magic ball pet toy makes a great gift that will bring joy to kids and dogs at Christmas, parties and birthdays. It's a great gift for family/friends on holidays.
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